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Site Updates and Changes:

  • March 8, 2000
    More work on the site layout and navigation.
  • September 9, 1999
    Small layout changes and updates.  Everytime I start working on this site, something else comes along, and this gets shuffled back to the bottom of the pile (see the 1 month gap?)
  • July 26, 1999
    Worked on links.
  • July 23, 1999
    Internal links for the New Player´s Guide are setup.
  • July 22, 1999
    Fixed all the links for the Software section.  Copied over the COW client manual.  That needs to be broken up into sections.  Practice logos are now at the Website Index.  Rankings page has the table transferred, but not the links.
  • July 20, 1999
    Hints are all broken down into seperate catagories, in the Player´s Manual Section  Clean up work on all the other pages.
  • July 9, 1999
    Still working on game hints, after working on another site for the past couple of days view section 1 and section 2.
  • July 6, 1999
    Still working on the game hints.
  • July 1, 1999
    The start of the game hints - doesn´t look like much, but it´s there.
  • June 30. 1999
    Worked on the Hints section, cleaning it up and adding features that automatically outline certain portions  Same thing with the Beginners, Opening Screen, and Help Sheet pages.  A little summary added to the Index page, under the Player´s Manual section.
  • June 29, 1999
    Links added for the section called Game Types (probably will be changed to Server Types)  Cleaned up the New Player´s Guide, still needs more work  Searched for more links and background info that I can use for this site.  Terms page compiled, found in chapter 5, section 2  Cleaned up More Strategies, in Chapter 3  Made some practice logos for the site