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Galactic Map:

Do people blink on the galactic map when beaming?
People do in fact blink when beaming. When they do not beam up armies, the ship is drawn normally over the planet. However, when the army number on the planet changes (such as during beaming), the planet is redrawn. The next update, the ship is again redrawn over the planet. This gives rise to the blink effect. It is actually quite obvious when someone is beaming if you can watch the galactic map. Watch over a friend's shoulder some time as they play, you will easily see the blinking. <snip> Just watch the map for blinking, not for changes in army numbers. You'll catch the army carriers all the time. It's hard to do during combat, though. [Brian Paulsen]

What are the F, R and K flags you see on some planets' info window?
Those flags indicate which teams have information on that planet; if there's no K, the Klingons can't see anything but a "?". [Tom Holub]

During Tmode, you show up on the enemy's galactic map if and only if you are within 1/3 of a galaxy width of any enemy ship. If you are cloaked, the fraction goes down to 1/7th. There is no way to know whether or not they can see you. This feature was intended enhance the "fog of war," but it basically screws teams that have all of its ships in one place. If you see the enemy team clustering around its starbase, exploit this feature to take planets. [Terence M. Chang]
Note: if you orbit any planet that you do not own, you will be seen.
Note: the status of your mappers (on/off) has no effect with respect to being seen.

Galactic Map is the one true path to greatness.

  • Set Galactic Map updates to "frequently".
  • Click on the Galactic Map to phasor those little ?? symbols.
  • Fire torps at far-away oggers coming at max warp by clicking on the Galactic Map.
  • Watch for armies on the Galactic Map.
  • Watch for enemy invasion fleets on the Galactic Map.
  • Watch the enemy backfield to see if it needs bombed on the Galactic Map.
  • Watch for the cloaked enemy base on the Galactic Map.
  • Look out for teammates in need on the Galactic Map.
  • Watch for the "group ogg" formation on the Galactic Map.
  • The Galactic Map is the Tao of SB'ing [Stephen Alexander Racunas]