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Site index - summaries of all the webpages

  • Archive -
    Archived messages from the Netrek Mailing List.
  • FAQ -
    Frequently Asked Questions about Netrek.
  • Game Types (Server Types) -
    A list of server types available for Netrek.  A little more information is provided for the Hockey game server.
  • INL -
    A link to "The International Netrek League is a world-wide tournament league through which various teams get together to play organized Netrek games. Information pertaining to the INL and the INL Council is available (here.)"
  • INL Rulebook -
    A local copy of the International Netrek League´s Rulebook.
  • Links -
    A list of all the websites that I used to "rebuild" this one.
  • New Player´s Guide Index -
    Also called the "Netrek Newbie Manual" this page has the entire guide broken down into subsections.
  • Player´s Manual Index -
    Information on various topics of Netrek , all based off the Mailing List.
  • Software, Clients -
    A list of all the client types,, authors, description and download locations.
  • Software, Servers -
    A list of all the server types, authors, description and download locations.
  • Software, Utilities -
    A list of a few utilities along with authors, description and download locations.
  • Tactical Summary -
    Information covering everything from dog fighting to ship types.