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        Here's my own rather twisted config file.  I'm sure I'll burn in hell for ages for exposing impressionable young players to it ;-) but here it is.  One other thing I suppose I should point out is that there are two phaser keys: middle mouse button and "t".  I did that so that I could fire torpedoes and phasers at the same time for those rare times that I need to.  I also took out my offensive macros. ;-)

name: maniac
# use "babes" during ghostbust
babes: on
# log messages.  Dunno how to specify the file.
logMessage: on
# don't use MOO planet bitmaps
newPlanetBitmaps: off
# get a full update on first entering the game
askForUpdate: on
# no dorky new ship bitmaps
useTNGBitmaps: off
# useless, but hey
lagmeter: on
netstats: on
netstatfreq: 15
# turning this off would be st00pid
showshields: on
# turn shlds red if low
varyshields: on
# don't change shld color depending on alert status
warnshields: off
# don't right-justify distresses
newDistress: off
# make enemy phazers "triangles" to avoid confusion w/mine
# cool new bargraph-like stats--I like the color version
newDashboard: off
newDashboard2: on
# try short packets, udp on connection w/server
tryshort: on
tryUdp: on
# don't add an extra stat graph window, redundant w/newDashboards
showstats: off
# keep war/peace settings with each new ship
keeppeace: on
reportkills: on
showTractorPressor: on
# don't turn t/p lines off after a couple seconds
continueTractors: on
# put an "X" through independant planets
showIND: on
# Don't remember what this does. ;-)
showPhaser: 2
# show lock-on triangle on both galactic and tactical
showLock: 3
extraAlertBorder: on
galacticfrequent: on
# enforce certain packets
udpClientReceive: 2
udpClientSend: 2
udpSequenceCheck: on

# why do it if you don't have to?
forcemono: off
# sort playerlist by team
sortPlayers: on
# show resources on tactical and galactic
showlocal: 1
showgalactic: 1
# use kewl romvlvs cruiser bitmaps instead of ugly default
cloakChars: ()
# use true message warping, not the pseudo crud
warp: on
# playerlist: number,shiptype,rank,kills,stats,offense,defense,ratio,name,
# login
playerlist: nTRKSODrNl

# Keymap. Left hand deals with:
# q = warp 0,  w = half warp, e = max warp, r = warp 2, R = repair, t = phaser
# a = shldown, s = shields up,d =tractor on,f = pressor on, g = t/p off
# x = beam down, z = beam up  c = cloak,   v = orbit,     b = bomb,
#                    SPACE = det enemy torps
# Other items:
# Z = lock onto ship/planet, X = lock on planet/base,
# ; = docking perm, A = refit to new ship, h = plasma
# | = quit, W = war window
# "," = clear windows, M = macro mode
# C = carry macro, F = excorting macro, Q = sm update (keep from q'ing out
# accidentally) (warp in pairadice), h = afterburners (pairadice), H = help
keymap:  q0r2w#e%;etpd_f^g$vo d, ArWw|QX;Zla[s]MXCFQ-Hhhf
ckeymap: F^e

# RCD (reciever configurable distress) stuff
dist.carrying: %T%c (%S @%B) %?%S=SB%{Your starbase is carrying%!I have%} %?%a>0%{%a%!NO%} armies.

dist.escorting:  %T%c->%O ESCORTING %g (%d%%D %s%%S %f%%F)

# my useful macros.

mac.s.T: will someone scout bomb?
mac.b.T: we really really need a scout bomber!

mac.o.T: who's up for a base ogg?
mac.O.T: *** OGGING BASE ***
mac.^o.T: *** OGG BASE! *** OGG BASE! *** OGG BASE! *** OGG BASE! ***

#interface parameters
#(enemy plyr-font; me & team planets-boldfont; team plyr &neutrals-italicfont)
# so the idea is to make the enemies bold, me&team normal, neuts italic
boldfont: -schumacher-clean-medium-r-normal--10-100-75-75-c-60-iso8859-1
font: lucidasanstypewriter-bold-10
#italicfont: -adobe-courier-medium-o-normal--10-100-75-75-m-60-iso8859-1
italicfont: -schumacher-clean-medium-i-normal--12-120-75-75-c-60-*-*
bigfont: -adobe-times-bold-r-normal--24-240-75-75-p-132-iso8859-1
####Other fonts to try if necessary:
#font: lucidasanstypewriter-bold-8
#font: -adobe-courier-bold-r-normal--10-100-75-75-m-60-iso8859-1
#boldfont: -adobe-courier-medium-r-normal--10-100-75-75-m-60-iso8859-1
#italicfont: -*-clean-bold-r-normal--10-100-75-75-c-60-*

color.red:              deep pink

# The main window -- only map it when there's no wait queue
netrek.geometry:        1138x869+0+0
netrek.mapped:          off

# On lefthand side: message, warning, my messages, everymessage windows.
# Then kills & team message windows and phaser log window.
# "all" message window is on the other side under the plist so that I
# don't pay so much attention to it.  I tend to talk too much. ;-)

# Also, placement for help, planet, UDP windows
message.parent:         netrek
message.geometry:       496x20+0+500
message.mapped:         on
warn.parent:            netrek
warn.geometry:          496x23+0+523
warn.mapped:            on
review_team.parent:     netrek
review_team.geometry:   81x7+0+547
review_team.mapped:     on
review_your.parent:     netrek
review_your.geometry:   81x6+0+643
review_your.mapped:     on
review_kill.parent:     netrek
review_kill.geometry:   81x5+0+727
review_kill.mapped:     on
review_all.mapped:      off
review_phaser.parent:   netrek
review_phaser.geometry: 81x5+0+799
review_phaser.mapped:   on
review.parent:          netrek
review.geometry:        81x18+0+547
review.mapped:          off
help.parent:            netrek
help.geometry:          +160+600
planet.parent:          netrek
planet.geometry:        +810+0
udp.parent:             netrek
udp.geometry:           +0+500
udp.mapped:             off
review_all.mapped:      on
review_all.parent:      netrek
review_all.geometry:    81x2+633+830

# In center: lagmeter (commented out), war. Right: tstat, player/rank
#lagMeter.mapped:       on
#lagmeter.parent:       netrek
#lagMeter.geometry:     +501+504
war.parent:             netrek
war.geometry:           +501+700
#trying to map war window on at beginning doesn't really work.
#war.mapped:            on
tstat.parent:           netrek
tstat.geometry:         500x43+632+500
tstat.mapped:           on
player.parent:          netrek
player.geometry:        +633+546
player.mapped:          on
rank.parent:            netrek
rank.geometry:          +730+660

fed.parent: netrek
fed.geometry: +432+600
rom.parent: netrek
rom.geometry: +432+500
kli.parent: netrek
kli.geometry: +532+500
ori.parent: netrek
ori.geometry: +532+600
quit.parent: netrek
quit.geometry: +1007+400

h.WaitMotd.mapped: on
#wait -  the title wait window.
wait.geometry:          +0+800
wait.parent:            root
#count - the window holding the wait queue count
#waitquit - the window holding the quit part of the queue window!